Monday, August 10, 2015

Fully Booked fo 2015, but we're sorting dates for 2016

Apologies to any of you hoping to book a table for the remaining dates for 2015.
Due to an unexpected demand for tables, we were fully booked for both the summer and Christmas fairs for a few weeks already, and now the remaining dates are also booked up. Most dates have several reserves too, so even if we get a cancellation, it won't be enough to free up a table.

So looking forward to 2016, we're going to simplify our events to be held at the Masonic Hall in Seaham, so that we'll now be offering one event per month, on the First Saturday of each month. I can't accept bookings yet, as we're still finalising details, but what is being planned are a few changes to this year to help make the fairs more, well, fair!

From April 2016, our events will all be classed as BeachCraft. This is so named as we're facing Seaham Beach, and while we encourage beach themed items, it isn't exclusively a beach themed fair.
So we are planning to reserve six tables for beach themed crafts, from a total of sixteen tables.

We have a regular food seller so we can't accept another food seller for our 2016 fairs, sorry!

We shall be limiting the tables available to resellers to three, and we already have more than that who regularly attend, so no new resellers for 2016 thank you. (Resellers includes, Usborne Books, Body Shop, Forever Living etc.) This is an unavoidable consequence of a recent expansion in the popularity of the reselling of these items, and as an example, I have had to turn away over a dozen Forever Living resellers this year, as we have a resident one already.

This leaves six tables for more general crafts, and for these tables we shall limit duplication wherever we can. We like to encourage new makers and will continue to do so, but we are sensitive to the need to not have a room full of jewellery makers, or knitted baby clothes. We welcome a wider variety of sellers with new ideas of fledgling businesses that are looking to try their product range.

The end result is that we should have a better fair, with a wider range, and happier customers.
In 2015 we've managed a best footfall of over 250, and we feel that when we run two fairs per month we could be reducing the footfall as we share customers between them. After all, there's only one payday per month! So where we've had fairs with 80-140 people this year when the weather wasn't great, the thinking is that we should return to 200 plus per month, through next summer, and at the themed fairs.

On that subject, as they're so popular, and despite all the fairs being themed as BeachCraft, our intent is to have a BeachCraft Spring fair, to kick off the year, followed by two regular BeachCraft fairs then a Mid Year fair on July 2nd, (we could do with a cooler name), then a BeachCraft Summer Fair in August, a regular fair in September, and then a BeachCraft Autumn fair in October, a new idea, the BeachCraft Fawkes Fair in November (possibly in facny dress), and lastly our BeachCraft Christmas fair in December - so lots of scope for fun throughout the year, but also for theming products.

Our friends at the Masonic Hall have kjindly kept the hall hire fees frozen for 2016, so the good news is that our tables remain at £15 per table/event and we will continue our discount of booking three or more tables reducing the price to £10 per table/event. With nine events for the year, it makes the whole year's tables available for £90 and with some fairs not too far away charging £35 - £45 we're as cheap as a couple of tables at their fairs! How's that for a good deal.

So that's our update/news/plans
We will confirm more later and advise when bookings can be accepted.
Until then, if you have any questions, email me on
See you at the seaside

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