Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Confirmed dates for 2015

Thanks for checking out the dates for our fairs.

below you will find the confirmed dates for 2015, for the fairs to be held at the Masonic Hall, Seaham.  Etsy sellers are now welcome at all events and information on Etsy will be available as before, just ask at the Peblsrock Sea Glass fair. The new format, Crafty Old Hipster, which is aimed at anything qwerky, vintage or hipster. We are hoping to encourage more sellers as we had numerous enquiries over the past year.

The seasonal fairs are open to all, no restrictions and we may have room for one or two table top sellers depending on what they sell of course. This will provide the necessary variety to encourage repeat visitors.

Table fees are being held at £15 per event, as they were in 2014. The same discount applies, which is that if you book and pay for three or more events on one invoice, you receive a discount that makes each table £10, so two dates would be £30 (2 x £15) whereas three will also cost £30 (3x £10). To book simply send the chosen dates to me in an email, keepcalmevents@gmail.com, and tell me if I can use paypal to invoice you and if the email for your paypal is different to the one you've used to email me. If paypal is not an option, then please ask for details to make a bank transfer. We require advanced payment and do not accept payment on the day unless there are exceptional circumstances.

For now, the proposed dates are as shown. Hope to see you at one or more...

2015 events will be divided into three categories:
1) BeachCraft – for items with a beach/sea/nautical theme or anything complementary.
2) Crafty/Old/Hipster – for vintage, qwerky, hipster or other items out of the ordinary.
3) Seasonal fairs (Spring, Summer, Halloween, Christmas) – unrestricted – all sellers welcome.

Etsy sellers will be welcome to all events, and we will continue to provide
support and the offers of free listings etc. as long as these offers exist. (Please
ask for details, before opening a store, or making your first Etsy purchase, as
we have offers for both.)

Proposed Craft Fair Dates, Masonic Hall, Seaham – 2015 (Rev2)
Sat April 4th – BeachCraft/Easter Fair (Easter Weekend)
Sun April 19th – CraftyOldHipster

Sat May 2nd – BeachCraft (MayDay BH Weekend)
Sat May 23rd – Spring Fair (Spring BH Weekend)

Sat June 6th – BeachCraft
Sun June 21st – CraftyOldHipster

Sat July 4th – BeachCraft
Sun July 19th – CraftyOldHipster

Sat August 1st – BeachCraft
Sat August 29th – Summer Fair (August BH Weekend)

Sat Sept 5th – BeachCraft
Sun Sept 20th – CraftyOldHipster

Sat November 28th – Christmas Fair

All dates are subject to change depending on changes of availability of the hall and other factors.
Please check with keep calm events, or on Stallfinder to confirm dates before booking. Please note that if a Saturday becomes unavailable, we will move to the next day, Sunday, where possible.
Bookings are made via keepcalmevents@gmail.com
Hope to see you in 2015.