Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Updates for the remaining events of 2014 and news about 2015

We have just agreed to move our last event of the year, the 2014 Xmas fair, from the 1st Nov to Sunday 2nd Nov to avoid a clash with a larger event. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

This year we have experimented with two formats, BeachCraft, which has proved to be extremely popular with upwards of 150 visitors each event, even in the rain, and a max footfall of some 227 which we feel is remarkable. We've had some new ideas for 2015 to tweak the dates/format but essentially we shall keep to the same "1st Saturday of the month" idea for BeachCraft from Easter weekend until September, and then one Xmas fair in November.

For the third weekend of the month, we're looking at a different format, "Old Crafty Hipster" is the working title, but subject to change. This will be a vintage/hipster/qwerky fair for all of the people who simply didn't fit this year's profile, but who we'd very much like to include. Again, dates are subject to confirmation at this stage.

Then to add a few more dates, we'll have an occasional "Anything Goes" fair with no theme or requirement for sellers, just come and sell what you want. We may even make it a first come, first served pay on the day event, but i'm not sure of that yet.

The venue will be the Masonic Hall, Seaham, as they've proved to be an excellent partner for these events, and they are looking to improve the external appearance of the hall for next year, as well as all the work they've done internally. The venue is popular with sellers and buyers, so we're happy to continue along this format for the foreseeable future.

2015 should be a good year for fairs, as there are less distractions than this year, and a growing interest in handmade and crafted items. Hope we'll see you there.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

New events for 2014 and beyond.

At last i find myself with time to update my blog pages, sorry!

2014 has been hectic so far, sadly for the wrong reasons, with numerous hospital visits and every kind of scan imaginable. It seems i'm just a medical mystery, so i'm being allowed back into the wild and we can continue with our planned events for 2014.

We've already started the season well, mainly with events in the Masonic Hall, Seaham. A new venue for us, this hall is capable of holding around 16 sellers, and has tea and coffee available, a cafe area to sit and enjoy a cupcake and a cuppa, and of course there are toilets etc.

This year we've themed the events, two distinct themes in fact:

BeachCraft is designed to attract makers of anything with a nautical connection, even just a tenuous one. We also have opened up to one or two resellers of items that kids love, as being at the beach is something the kids love to do. We have driftwood makers, sea glass hunters and jewellers, and our August date is a mini sea glass festival. The July event coincides with the Carnival weekend, so we're holding an additional event on the Sunday too - see the diary below.

Etsy Sellers Discovery Fairs are the other option. These are open to sellers who either have an Etsy store, or who are looking to open one this year. We offer advice, support and a bonus of 40 free listings to get your shop started, so don't open your new shop until you've popped in for a chat. We also offer information to anyone who is new to Etsy and just curious as to what you can buy. We have a new vintage seller, as well as crafters and makers, and even our cake maker has a store.

These events happen every fortnight, the BeachCraft one on the first Saturday of the month, and the Etsy Sellers fairs on the third Saturday. Here's a lost of the remaining dates for 2014.

Plus the extra date we've added for July...
Hopefully you'll find at least one date that you can make. I hope so, our crafters, makers, bakers and sellers deserve support. If we can make this work, expect more dates next year...

Creativ Dave