Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Join us aboard the TRINCOMALEE

On the 29th July 2012 we shall be making the first of what we hope will be many visits to the Trincomalee, the oldest British warship afloat, in the Historic Quay at Hartlepool. We are there to support their Craft and Food fare, which runs from 1pm to 7pm in the evening. Admission is free after 5pm.

We shall be taking over the mess deck on board this amazing vessel on two more occasions this year, a wedding fair on the 23rd of September and the Christmas fair on the 18th November. For each fair you will find us below the gun deck, and we will have ten tables of assorted crafts and art available for you to peruse and purchase.  The gun deck will also feature crafters from outside of our group, but we're all friends in the crafting community, so there's no chance of a brawl breaking out.

As a bonus, and if you want to see the ship, enjoy the craft fair, but are busy during the day, you can come after 5pm and enjoy the craft fair for free. (During the day you should enter through the Historic Quay, for which there is an admission charge.)

Maps are available along with full details of the venue at their very detailed website here

This is the mess deck where our motley crew of crafters will ply their trade...

This has to be the most unusual and fascinating venue for a craft fair you could visit so why not pop along and see what we have to offer.

More information will follow for the other two fairs this year, and we may add other dates if the interest is high.

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