Monday, May 7, 2012

Show and Sell - Etsy Sellers, Belly Dancers and...

Hi. This is a message of thanks to all who supported our amazing day at Dawdon CC on Saturday. We had great attendance in the morning, then someone forgot the sun wasn't supposed to shine on Bank Holidays  - it came out, and we lost a lot of potential visitors in the afternoon. The sudden appearance of a fairground on the sea front didn't help much either...

Most stallholders seem to have had a great day, they enjoyed the atmosphere and the entertainment...

Fabulous Egyptian Belly dancers performed all around the venue and then gave us a perfectly choreographed show in the reception, thanks ladies, and if you'd like to join their classes, just call Claire on 07801 276015, they're based in Newcastle, Jesmond i believe??? and we're such fun to have around on the day.

The stalls were really well presented and made a great feast for the eye, the quality of goods on show was simply brilliant. Everyone was impressed...

Outside the hall, the Big Crafty Card Table was incredibly popular, with several bloggers and journalists taking entire boxes of cards with them to sieve through at their leisure. We were also allowed to sell copies of Crafts magazine, kindly supplied by the Crafts Council, and we had copies of Craftseller donated to be sold as part of the fudraising, which worked really well. The end result was several hundreds of pounds donated, we're still counting and awaiting some donations, and a boost for this amazing centre.
Here's how the cards looked. - more pics may follow later... Thanks everyone.


  1. Hi, this all looks great, I really love the photos of the card table. It really was a nice event, bit quieter than I had expected but we all had a lovely day. Can you tell me the name of the lady who was singing at the event, we thought she was fantastic. Thanks, SamX

    1. That was Shona Duthie, "TheWoodMuse" a last minute member who popped up from nowhere and has come to us via Suzi Smith "loneCrowPhoto" I believe, and for me made the quiet end of the day really fab!

  2. Happy to hear that the event was a success, looks amazing and so wonderful to see all the cards on the display. Already can see my itty bitty ones.

  3. It looked really colourful and i was surprised at how much time and thought the people stopping at the table gave to choosing and taking cards, i gave them boxes, bags and encouragement!

  4. Looks really good. I spotted my card pile too!