Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Big Crafty Card Table

As promised, here is how the Big Crafty Card Table looked on the day. Despite being told by some that it would just be a great big mess, it wasn't. this was taken after two hours of activity and nothing was out of place. In face some of the smaller piles had completely gone and i had to fill the edges with postcards from our friends at moo.com, and they disappeared too within the next hour...

And finally the Bundle of Love...
I'll add more as i receive them, sadly my camera let me down on the day, poor old thing, so i'm collecting members photos to use on the blog. Bear with me as these are assembled.

As you can see the response was fab, we raised several hundred pounds for the centre, short of the target but definitely a good contribution to their work. It came in the wake of the Adventure Club having just received 3 years funding from Children in Need, which everyone was just amazed at having won.

So all in all a good day, a great idea that worked well, and as you can see a brilliant display of love by all the crafters who contributed.

many thanks for everything.


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